I still remember the day I finished my thesis degree. It was a joyful day! The feeling that it was finally over, all those years of study, working, writing. Finally, I was going to get my electrical engineer degree! It took me around seven years and a half to get my degree. I did enjoy it a lot; though, there were the best years of my time there.
By that time, I started to read tons of books, I was going to magic classes every week, I took storytelling classes, I played football very often, took some harmonica lessons, watched lots of movies and TV series with my dad, and the thesis itself was an enjoyable project. Memorable days.
But as soon as I finished it, I felt a cycle was ending. I could finally start fresh and start something new (well, not right away :p, first, I took a vacation to Argentina and went to the South American Magic Championship (FLASOMA) in Uruguay).
So after that, I started working as an engineer. I think It’s crucial to finish cycles or chapters to keep moving. So we don’t get stuck doing the same things. Otherwise, we get bored and sometimes depressed.
And I have that same feeling all over again! I’ve been doing the same magic routines for years, rehearsing, practising, performing and improving them. Of them, I learned them 6-7 years ago, and every time I perform them, I know what I’m doing, and I feel comfortable and happy doing them. Well, of course, I always try to improve them so I can get a little bit better every day. But at the same time, the same feeling of not moving on, stuck in a cycle doing the same routines, is also frustrating. So I put myself a goal.
In August, specifically on the 3rd,4th and 5th, I’m performing my one-person magic show at The London Improv. The show it’s called “The Secrets of Magic”.
Thomas Dixon: The Secrets of Magic
In this performance, I will guide you by my side into the world of magic. Tricks and magic are the same? Why do we keep the secret? Why do we do magic? Is it real? I will answer this and other questions during my show. Combining some of the old routines I’ve been working on for ages, a few new routines and all the knowledge I’ve acquired from my teachers, mentors, friends, classes, seminars, books, DVDs, performing and testing everything for almost ten years.
So If you are around August in London, come to see the show :).
You can find the tickets at www.bit.ly/Secretsshow
Have a nice day !!

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