Looking for Zoom Entertainment? - Hire Thomas Dixon Virtual Magician
Thomas Dixon Presents:

Virtual Magic Time -
An Online Show in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Have no clue what the heck a virtual magic show is? Watch this video to see what my virtual show looks like!

Looking forward to another boring Zoom Meeting?

experience a Virtual Magic Show and break the routine!

Unique Experience!

I created this show so your guests can experience something completely different and unique for your team meeting, celebration or friends meet-up

Very Interactive!

Not only you get to watch some amazing magic but you will be able to change the outcome of the show! Whether it's two or two thousand everyone gets involved in this unforgettable experience.

Everyone Gets a
VIP Seat

The best thing about a virtual show is that all your guests will get a front VIP seat, so they won't miss anything!

Magic in Your Own Hands!

Yeah, that's right! from your own home you will experience magic in your own hands! This show is virtually impossible!

Super easy to Book

It's super simple to book your show! Just pick a date and time and then enjoy the show!

Bring Everyone Together

Enjoy this show with your friends and family or colleagues from all around the world! And you can invite up to 100 in only one meeting!

Clients that Loved the Virtual Show

3 Easy Steps to Book Your Virtual Magic Show:

Get these reactions on your next Birthday Party – Corporate Event or Office Christmas Party!!

What people are saying about the show??

He did a fantastic virtual magic show last evening for my family which was just incredible, he managed to bring that one to one personal interaction via Zoom, such a talented lovely guy.
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
This guy can do anything! A great performer who reels you into thinking you know what’s going to happen next and then blows your mind with a fantastic unexpected trick.
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
Working with Thomas was an absolute pleasure. His ability to adapt to a virtual setting is unmatched! He was a great addition to my corporate virtual event. Would highly recommend! 5 stars!
Caitlin Jameson
Special Projects Manager, ServiceNow

What do you get from booking a Virtual Magic Show??

It doesn’t matter if there is only 3 people or 200, everyone will get to interact and experience magic in their own hands!!

Whether everyone is watching from the same screen or your teams is all around the world, there is a package for all your needs.

If you are thinking of having your family watch the show during your company meeting or if it’s just you and your colleagues, this show was built to fit all ages.

I know, you have never seen a magic show but don’t worry if you don’t like the show and aren’t 100% satisfied with your show, you can get 100% of the money back with my no-risk guarantee.

But... What is a virtual magic show???

My Zoom magic show is an interactive and engaging experience. I specialise in sleight of hand magic and I’ve developed a show that doesn’t need any physical interaction, but it’s completely virtual, making money appear from nothing, reading minds and achieving impossible things through the screen!

This show was design to bring everyone together safely in a fun way!

Who is it for?

No matter the amount of people or the occasion, a virtual magic show is always a great option when you are organizing an online meeting or a virtual celebration.

  • Your friends or colleagues work from all around the globe and want to bring everyone together on a special occasion.
  • Locked at home for your birthday celebration? A virtual show is an amazing option to bring all your friends in this amazing experience!
  • Your team is feeling demotivated and tired? Give your team  an experience that your team will talk about in every coffee break!

Check Availability now!

Who is Thomas?

Hi, I’m Thomas Dixon and people know me as the Charming Chilean Magician. Usually, I’m in London but sometimes I run away and perform all around the world!

Just like you, I was stuck at home for weeks instead of performing around London, so I’ve designed a magic show that is virtually amazing!

I love bringing people together and virtual magic shows give me another way of giving a moment of mind-blowing magic for you and your guests. 

Magic is been my passion for more than 13 years and I’ve been performing at Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Theatre shows and now Virtual Events!

I created this show that doesn’t exist in any theatre. It can only exist in the comfort of your own home!


You have questions, we have answers...

From 2 people up to 100! If you are looking to do a bigger show just contact me and we will arrange it!

Yes! If your kids want to watch the show they are more than happy to watch 🙂

No! I’ve done shows in Google Meet and even Skype. Just let me know and we can use your company platform.

To make this show interactive I will ask a few simple objects from your house like paper or a deck of cards. Otherwise you just need your laptop or phone with internet access to enjoy the show

Magic is a great way to bring people together experiencing something completely new and impossible. Now with this virtual show you will get to participate in the comfort of your own house!

If you still have any questions about how it works or want to see a demonstration of how it all works then please feel free to contact me!

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