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Getting Paid for playing … (Part II)

As I promised here is the second part for my blog about the importance of playing and this quote: ‘A sensitive person gets paid for playing. That’s the art of Life.’ Here is the part I  of this post if you haven’t read it yet.

So as I said in the previous post there are some traps that are disguised as play. We can find them everywhere (for some reason they are more common in wealthy countries)

Most of the time when people are talking about ‘play’, they say it in a transactional way. ‘Let’s play so we can be more […]

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Eudemonia: Happiness, Meaning and Magic

Welcome to Eudemonia!
Eudemonia is a blog of ideas related to philosophy, magic, happiness, work, virtue, purpose and other thoughts.
What is Eudemonia?
“Eudemonia or Eudaimonia is often translated as “happiness,” but that’s a bit misleading. Eudaimonia in Greek:
Eu-: good
Daimon: soul or “self.”
In Greek philosophy, Eudaimonia means achieving the best conditions possible for a human being, in every sense–not only happiness, but also virtue, morality, and a meaningful life. It was the ultimate goal of philosophy: to become better people—to fulfill our unique potential as human beings.”
Why write blog?
2 reasons.
A selfish one first haha, because i like the idea of it. I’m […]

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