How to perform ‘The grand finale'

Make sure everyone is paying attention and read all the instructions clearly and out loud so everyone can hear them, (you don’t need to read this out loud).

  1. Bring out the ‘grand finale’ kit.

  2. Say: ‘Thank you everyone for joining the show.’ <Pause> ‘This will be my last and most epic piece!’.

  3. Wait for the audience to put surprised faces!

  4. Show that everything is there: Deck of cards, balloons and a needle.

  5. Make sure that the needle is sharp.

  6. Take the deck of cards out of the box and show the cards to the audience. 

  7. Mix the cards thoroughly.

  8. Now everyone is convinced that the cards are well shuffled. They don’t know that you just pretended to mix the cards. (Make sure you don’t read this out loud, this might destroy the grand-finale).

  9.  If you read step 8 out loud, Don’t panic! Act as nothing happened. Magicians always have a plan B.

  10. Plan B: Put the cards inside the balloon. Take your time…

  11. Inflate the balloon.

  12. Shake the balloon. You can go crazy with it!

  13. Say the Magic words: ‘Alakabush-shakalakalaka-bum-shakalaka-bum-shakalaka.’

  14. Burst the balloon.

  15. Make sure the microphone is muted before bursting it.

  16. Pile up all the cards and place them on the table.

  17. Say: ‘Ladies and gentlemen.'<Pause> ‘We are about to witness a miracle.’

    <Pause>’Even though the cards are mixed’ <Pause> ‘The Magic never fails!’ Dramatic Pause.

  18. Say: ’My predictions is that there are 23 cards facing up!!’. Count the cards out loud.

  19. Wait for the big Round of Applause!

20. Wait for the huge round of applause to end.

21. Say: ’15 cards are black!!’. Count the black cards.

22. Don’t wait for the applause, just wait for the big revelation.

23. Say: ‘All the red cards are diamonds!!’. Show all diamond cards.

24. Huge round of applause!