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Magical Engaging Entertainment Across the UK.

My favourite type of services:

Family and Party Magician

Planning a 40th birthday party, anniversary or other celebration and want to give your guests something amazing and memorable? I’m here to help!

I will break the ice with your guests showing some mind-blowing magic, creating ever-lasting memories!  I also love brining people together performing my magic show!

My magic works great for audiences of all ages and background, from an 8 year old magic fan, to a senior sceptic!

Birthday Party Magician

Corporate Magician

Are you planning a corporate summer party, office Christmas party or awards ceremony and still looking for entertainment?

I know It’s difficult to find entertainment that would not be sleazy, old fashion and dated.

My magic is fresh and engaging, and my style is charming and cheeky, so all your guests can feel relaxed that they are in safe hands, magic hands ;-)!

Corporate Magician

Wedding Magician

✓ Wedding Reception: Helping you with those awkward silences while people are waiting.

✓ Wedding Breakfast/Dinner: I will help you make sure your wedding goes smoothly and everyone is having a great time!

✓ After Dinner Entertainment: While your guests are waiting for the dance floor to be ready I distract and entertain all of your guests :)!

Performing Wedding Magic

New! Magic Teacher

I love teaching magic, so I created a magic school (just like Hogwarts!), a place for young magicians (and adults!), learn about the world of magic!

I regularly teach at my local community centre but I also love teaching at corporate family events, schools, private parties and many other places!

Learn fun and exciting magic that will leave everyone speechless! But most importantly life skills to enhance your life!

Areas Covered

I travel all across the UK, mostly to London, Leicester, Nottingham and
around, but I’m also a:

London Magician

Oxford Magician

Milton Keynes Magician

Cambridge Magician

Bedford Magician

East Midlands

Leicester Magician

Nottingham Magician

Northampton Magician

Derby Magician

West Midlands

Birmingham Magician

Coventry Magician

Wolverhampton Magician

Worcester Magician

Stoke Magician

More FAQ:

You have Questions, I have answers!

Where do you travel? And where are you based?

I’m based in Leicester (Midlands) and I travel all across the UK. My favourite places to travel are London, Nottingham, Northampton, Coventry, Birmingham and many other cities across the UK. Also, I am  happy to travel internationally ;)!

What languages do you Speak?

Spanish and English! UK based, Canadian born, yet raised in Chile, so I’m fluent in both languages.

What happens if you are ill and cannot make it?

Sometimes I get phone calls saying that “our magician has let us down”. I’ve only ever not been able to attend a few bookings due extreme circumstances. In the event of me not able to make it, I will ensure to provide someone of EQUAL STANDARD to your event with the same price, time, etc.

Do you do kids' parties?

Unfortunately no, but I do family entertainment. During a family event I usually teach magic to the young ones ( and provide mingling magic and a show for all the family (kids and adults).

Do you do only close-up (mingling magic)?

No! I also perform virtual and stage/parlour magic (from small conference rooms to big stages)

What type of Magic do you do?

Close-up and stage magic! I use cards, coins, ropes and other small and everyday objects to create unique moments. I don’t have huge boxes or props that ‘look like magic tricks’, my magic is fresh and organic. I specialize in sleight of hand, misdirection and highly engaging strong magic.

How much does it cost to hire a magician?

Price varies a lot depending on (date, length of performance, location etc) and all magicians charge according to their, experience, availability, skill level, etc. An example of a party of 80-100 people, a professional magician would charge from £350 up to £1500 (celebrity/tv magician) for a few hours of entertainment.

Can you make my wife/husband disappear?

I come from South America and I’ve heard that with the right amount of money you can make almost anyone disappear… But, don’t ask me I’m not your guy :P!

Is it true that the hand is faster than the eye?

Well no… But once you see my magic you will probably have second thoughts ;).

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