Virtual Magic Show - Thomas Dixon Magic


Zoom show

Amazing magician. Soo talented. I’ve seen Thomas a few times already and I always adore watching him perform. The surprise tricks but also his personality on stage make all of his performances incredible!

Anne Bertreau Actress and Entrepeneur

This guy can do anything! A great performer who reels you into thinking you know what’s going to happen next and then blows your mind with a fantastic unexpected trick. I’d thoroughly recommend Thomas Dixon. For any age he’s brilliant.

Jack Stileman

Thomas is an excellent magician and he did a great job of entertaining our guests of all ages. He was very personable and managed lots of excitable children as well as a table of elderly guests with equal skill. I would highly recommend.

Mitu Magudia


Is your team feeling disconnected and virtually exhausted?

Give your team the gift of magic!

A magic show that takes place over the internet, from the comfort of your own home, created especially for you and your team.

Just like you, I’m stuck at home for weeks instead of performing around London So I’ve designed a magic show that is virtually amazing!

The magic show is:

  • Highly interactive

  • Visual and strong impact

  • Takes place in YOUR hands (yes that’s right!)

This is an experience that couldn’t exist in a theatre. It can only exist in the comfort of your own home.

Contact to book your private virtual magic show!